Olena Nguyen

Australia Pacific Coordinator


Olena Nguyen is an active and ambitious young person with desires to contribute to the community, serve humanity and especially empower youths to make a change for the world betterment locally, internationally and globally. As one of the leading youths in the community herself, Olena is passionate about youth-led development, sustainability in their leadership to be advocates for unusual voices as well as international education industry in Australia and other nations. Olena has a social work background and throughout her life, she has been involved in various non-profit organizations, projects and programs in Victoria State such as Global Students Entrepreneur Program, Youth Action Group of Melbourne City Mission, UCan2 Program of Centre for Multicultural Youth, New and Emerging Communities Leadership Program and especially her involvement in international students community in terms of enriching their experience and engagement while living and studying abroad. With her contribution and efforts, she has been recognized with several valuable awards and honors. Olena believes that: “If I can make a change, we can make a difference”