Europe Pacific Coordinator


Alessandra Capogrosso is a 29 years old technology professional working for Microsoft as Territory Channel Manager, responsible for the Cloud platform & AI development within the Italian SMB market.Previously she worked as Partner Manager for Check Point Software Technology, an Israeli cyber security company, both in New York and Milan.
Fully passionate about technology & innovation, Alessandra has been recently appointed by the Harvard University as World Delegate 2019 attending the Asian and International Relations Conference in Cambridge (MA).
She also recently published her first book, “Technology Spillovers from Multinational FDI”, focused on the impact that in-house technology differences among domestic firms have on the technology spillovers from FDI.
She has a strong academic experience in International Business from Luiss University (M.Sc), London School of Economics and Political Science and Copenaghen Business School, where she was a Research Assistant in the Department of Strategic Management.
On a personal note, she lives in Milan and she’s a tireless world traveller.

Her favourite quote is: “Be the Change that you wish to see in the world” (MG)