Global Youth Parliament (in short GYP) is a non-profitable, non-political, social organization not affiliated to any religious sectors.  GYP headquarter is in Nepal. Now, we have a country coordinator in 43 countries all around the world. Our work mainly focuses on the theme of Political leadership, entrepreneurship, peace, good governance, democracy and constructive dialogue, inclusive policy formulations, sustainable peace and equitable development. GYP aims to build national, regional as well as global forum for dialogue and advocacy on the theme that needs immediate and longer term global attention like leadership, democracy and good governance, socially responsible trade practices, active citizenship, cultural exchanges and sustainable development and  peace. GYP believes that the youth of the world must come together and join hands to achieve the sustainable solutions for greater world community.


On this background, GYP has for the last six years regularly organized programs and activities surrounding these issues mainly focusing on gathering youth opinions and supporting other similar initiatives though our idea innovation workshops. Some of our successful past activities include Road Referendum(RR)program aiming to exert moral pressure to the parliamentarians for timely promulgation of constitution, formation of model youth constituent assembly featuring 301 youth activists countrywide acting as a youth parliamentarians representing their respective constituencies who engaged voluntarily for over six months in the process of drafting and finalizing the constitution. The model constitution of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal 2071 was handed over as a reference to the constituent assembly members. Other GYPN activities include youth encouragement for entrepreneurship through which “Tourism Entrepreneurship Award2013” was organized that awarded 24 young tourism entrepreneurs for their exemplary initiatives. Our milestone event up-to-date was “Youth SAARC Regional Conference 2017” organized past April 24-25 in Kathmandu. This South Asian regional conference of youths hosted representatives from more than 13 nations that actively participated in the conference. Several observers and delegates from Kathmandu based diplomatic missions were also present in the conference. The conference has also declared 5-points “Youth SAARC Declaration”. And another milestone event was “Global Youth Peace Conference 2018” organized past January 13 and 14 January in Kathmandu. 33 countries were participated and the conference has also declared 7-points “Kathmandu Declaration”. And other two milestone event was “Asian Youth Assembly 2018” and “Global Youth Leadership Summit 2019”.

In these contextual settings, GYP is currently organizing “Global youth Leadership Summit 2020” (Virtual) on 22 and 23 December. The summit will be held in collaboration with Government of Nepal and other Diplomatic Agencies.