Diwakar Aryal

President & Founder


Diwakar Aryal  is a graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication, Tribhuwan University and holds a Master’s Degree in Political science from Tribhuvan University. Aryal has participated in various national and international events as a presenter and speaker in Australia 🇦🇺 Spain 🇪🇸 UAE 🇦🇪  South Korea 🇰🇷, Singapore 🇸🇬, Germany 🇩🇪, Taiwan 🇹🇼 , Philippines 🇵🇭, Thailand 🇹🇭, France 🇫🇷, Egypt🇪🇬, Sri Lanka🇱🇰, Austria🇦🇹, Malaysia🇲🇾, Bangladesh🇧🇩, Luxembourg🇱🇺 , India🇮🇳, Oman 🇴🇲  and Kenya 🇰🇪. He founded and chaired  Global Youth Parliament from Nepal and appointed as an advisor in Arizona State University, USA for two years(2020). Aryal is also a researcher and a creative youth activist; many of his works are published in national and international journals. He has one book to his credit: Yuwa Darshan (2013), He has been recognized with many awards and honors including “Nelson Mandela Global Leadership Award”(from Syria), “Global Change Makers Award”(from Bangladesh) and “NAGA Award”(from Thailand).

In this globalized highly competitive world where many of the youth are yet to find out the purpose of their life, Diwakar Aryal symbolizes the voice of thousands of youths under single forum of Global Youth Parliament, irrespective of state borders, who are marching towards the strengthening of world peace and harmony, flourishing democratic norms and values and uniting the youth by the common thread of mutual cooperation and trust for the ultimate bet- terment of humankind and his nation.

Transformation of his identity from poor ordinary village boy born in one of the LDC, Nepal to founder of Global Youth parliament an institution connecting youth of 84 countries around globe has witnessed many high and lows . Many of the days I went hungry stomach .Many of the night I did-not sleep fearing my dreams, he was waving, may come to an end. But never had he gave up his hopes neither his dreams to change the faith of people.

This made he starts with youth parliament Nepal for promoting youth in the national and international governance system .under its ages 10 international youth conference were held where the youth of 1200 participated and discussed on the issues of world concern. Grand success of this institution lead his to expand the scope of his work from territorial limit of Nepal to different corners of world. Here he along with his colleague and supporters proceed with idea of Global Youth Parliament. As name suggests it has become global institution by its structure as well as functions. We together raise voices against every types concern that is threatening the balances of national and international system. Either that be the constitution making process of Nepal or building the democracy in war torn areas or integrating the youth of LDC from Asia to Africa for being the voice of these continent, Global youth parliament activates the youth to serve social purposes . for this noteworthy contribution he has been acknowledged by several national and international awards (see in the form filled)

As his footsteps in devoted and fully committed towards the betterment of world and his insti- tution global youth parliament is Sui generis model in setting footprint for global community for achieving global peace and accountability through pen and paper, he is worthy to be en- listed for Samaj Sewa Ratna-Presidential Award(provide by the government of Nepal on the occasion of constitution day)  and “National Youth Talent Award” by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government of Nepal so that as many as youth can know about it and join their hand and soldier with us for this good cause . Every single voice can bring change but what they need is forum to listen them to support them and to motivate them. Yes Global youth parliament does the same.