Press Release; Global Youth Summit

Dear Journalists,

Greetings from Global Youth Parliament
Global Youth Parliament (GYP) is hosting a two days Global Youth Leadership Summit 2019 on 26 and 27 April in Kathmandu with the theme of “Lets Lead the Global Community Together for bringing the change in the era of SDGs”.
The summit aims to gather young leaders, innovators, civil society pioneers and policy makers from around the world to discuss critically on pertinent issues and build the common understanding for addressing it.
During the two days summit there will be discussion on four thematic issues including climate action, we youth for the global goals, youth entrepreneurship, youth, peace and democracy. The inauguration session will be chaired by Diwakar Aryal, President of Global Youth Parliament. where as minister and other excellencies and dignitaries will be joining as guests from various diplomatic agencies including international organizations with the participation of more than one thousand young people.
In addition, Global Youth Leadership Award 2019 will be given to 48 individuals from 41 different countries. The summit will also highlight “Visit Nepal 2020”, a year committed to tourism industry of Nepal with vision of making a reasonable brand picture of Nepal as travel and vacationer destination, backing up the tourism foundations of Nepal, enhance the growth of tourism industry, and enhance locale tourism as supportable industry. As we believe that “Visit Nepal 2020” is an opportunity for any traveler both domestic and international to grab the special discounted prices and offer and enjoy the comfortable, secure, affordable travel experience during this national festivals.
The summit will be concluded on April 27 with the Kathmandu Declaration.

Thank You!

Diwakar Aryal