zipporah Hawa moriba

Deputy Country Coordinator

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Deputy Country Coordinator, zipporah Hawa moriba is a nationalistic hardworking Sierra leonean,a student at the University of Sierra Leone at the institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) currently in the second Year of her studies,her penchant of excellence began at a tender age,where she manifest and took leadership throughout uptil date.she is the Vice president advocacy policy and partnership for the Ecowas youth council Sierra Leone chapter,and a Dept country Representative for A.V.S.D in Sierra Leone,a mobilizer for the Restless development saving lives(2) project implementation,@RDSL.
She is an influencer,a motivational speaker and a very strong Advocate for the voiceless and the vulnerable, she has inspired so many youth groups and leaders in her country, have helped in her capacity to promote and help youths in achieving an envisage, peaceful,prosperous and tolerated space for all Patriotic youths here in Sierra Leone,she has strive in her capacity to build on inclusive and good Governance where equity exist through the creation of opportiunities for youths to freely cultivate capacity to access sustainable development and regional integration.
She is so determine as a youth leader to create platform for youth voices to be aired in various quarters on issues affecting their diligent human growths as youths regardless of race,culture,sex,religion and political background. Encouraging young people to engage in activities by craving the opportunity to actively participate in policy formulation,inclusive governing and the decision making process.
She strongly believe in girls empowerment,and knows girls should be honoured in society,therefore as young lady,she is vehemently working on protecting the rights of girls from degradation,abuse in any form and create platform where they can maximize their fullest potentials.
She has contributed immensely on capacity building,she has helped a lot in capacity building for various youth and youth groups in some communities,during her volunteering at the Restless development as a national volunteer she capacitated over hundreds youth in different communities on (DRM&MHPSS) Disaster risk management and Mental health phyco social support after the out break of Ebola in Sierra leone,those youth in turn give back to their society.She has engaged in lots of youths activities that have help her to get wealth of experiences in youth activities globally,
Her trade mark and foot prints continues.
She is an ambitious and dedicated young lady,and she is working so hard in achieving her goals regardless of challenges,she is always optimistic,and she is sincerely looking forward to utilize all her aspirations in life.