Varun kashyap

Deputy Country Coordinator


India Deputy Country Coordinator, Varun kashyap is an active youth leader involved in various activities that contribute to the development of his home country India and its participation in intercultural dialogue among youth people worldwide Varun kashyap works the ceo of roots for nation ngo in India and member of national youth council of India and many more org. varun organizes dialogues and debates among intercultural .interfaith.philosophical and non-confessional organization.He has been working with officially “Bhartiye janta party” worlds largest political party. Varun has completed his master degree in busieness management from Punjab technical university jalandhar city he is working as voluntarily for sick people from tuberculosis daises under SDG Goal ‘Good Health and Well Being’ in which our volunteers provide government medicines to patients who Survives with tuberculosis and helps them to receive their benefits from the government. Our city has large slum area where patients of tuberculosis are found in large quantities, our volunteers organize weekly camps in that area and want to stop the disease from spreading.

He was the delegate of india in the international volunteer forum in Russia [sochi] varun kashyap has also participated in represented India in various projects

Varun kashyap is officially ambassador of future team Russia and Cepasd Africa. He is working on solving global issue such as peace-building and good health and well being