Thanges Krishnan

Deputy Country Coordinator


Malaysia Deputy Country Coordinator, Thanges Krishnan is a well-motivated youth, generally works on a single principle which is ‘Leaders Are The Servers’ The motto of one Thanges Krishnan as the youth activist always believes that the leadership is action, not a position. A great leader should create more leaders, not the followers. With an impressive resume of leadership participation in 4 countries over 3 years, Thanges Krishnan believes that in order to be a successful leader, one must operate on the ideology that a leader is born to serve his cause and his people. Thanges has had strong engagements with the local government, and has conducted programs and projects with the main focus being education, in line with his work with a reputable national NGO.
He believes that the youth of our country are the future leaders of tomorrow, and hence has made successful efforts in reaching out to them at the best possible juncture in their lives, while they are students. Thanges believes that his journey as a leader is always about learning and adapting, and hopes he can further improve himself, while empowering others around him, as well as make a difference. He hopes to inspire the Youth of the country, and show them that when united towards a cause, they will be
able to achieve and attain their goals with a little bit of effort and perseverance.