Shahran Jiffrey

Deputy Country Coordinator

Sri Lanka

Srilanka Senior Deputy Country Coordinator, Shahran Jiffrey is a renowned young entrepreneur who possesses significant experience with more than a notable time span of seven years in diversified business endeavors. He hails from a politically influenced generation which has given birth to many parliamentarians & whose visions are undoubtedly focused towards the enrichment of the nation of Srilanka. As an emerging young youth leader he completed a Bachelor’s Degree from the prominent Cardiff University in the United Kingdom in the field of Business Management and he also completed a High School Diploma from Sunway College Malaysia. He has travelled to more than 30 countries thus that immense exposure and expertise contributed him the opportunity to understand different ethnicities, diversities and more over the sublime value of humanity among one another.

He exceptionally trusts that sustainable development, enrichment & evolution welfare the economy as a whole and that the economy should be built on cultural, social and environmental magnificent morals & that one can build a sustainable economy with the idea of every person being socially responsible for his/her action. Moreover, he has been dynamically & actively engaging in social services at various times of society needs. As a result, he used his influence & noble position to be an active member of the community by holding the Island coordinator designation previously for the Human Rights Organization Sri Lanka, where he engaged in social service programs with the focus on educating, cultivating and inspiring the youth to enhance entrepreneurial philosophies in Sri Lanka.