Prudence Zhangazha

Deputy Country Coordinator


Zimbabwe Deputy Country Coordinator, Prudence Zhangazha is a girl aged 19 who was raised in the common wealth community of Zimbabwe. She persued all her studies in one of the biggest provinces of the country which is Mash East Province. Miss Zhangazha did her primary education at Nyadzonya and she got a chance to be selected as a monitoring prefect. Also she became a school leader for  Drama, Music,Theature and Arts for primary  schools in 2011 when she was grade 6. So through passion and immense zeal for success in Arts ,Prudence advanced to a High school Bondamakara.. within the province doing Arts subjects till Zimbabwean Advance Level of education. She went on 2017 and contested for Public Speaking and Junior Parliamentarian of Zimbabwe. Moreso in Spring 2019 she joined an online club for Zimbabwean Ferminisim and Activism and was elected as one of the best speakers.With the spirit of Youth leadership, gender equality as well as abolishment of the underprivileged prejudicing she was committed to all her goals.