Neema Edmund Mvungi

Deputy Country Coordinator


Tanzania Deputy Country Coordinator, Neema Edmund Mvungi is a third year student at the University of Dar es salaam pursing bachelor of laws. She is a self motivated and highly challenging individual. She doesn’t  run away from challenges she take them face them and win  them that is her spirit. She hardly give up and  she always look for an opportunity to help and change her community by all means.

She is against and will always fight against violence to all people of all kind of sexes and gender that is why she always try to involve herself with issues of women. She has been part of the with for girls collective panel that is coordinated by stars foundation, she has also worked with the young lawyers foundation as a volunteering program officer on issues of gender based violence from which she had a chance to train several youths on issue of gender based violence and how to get through it.
Her present focus lies on making a safe world for children being a young mother has made feel the fear of children vulnerability on issues of violence and the fear of losing my loved ones or them getting hurt has motivated her desire to fight and advocate for children rights. The second is on environment in this she has realized that the environment is stakeholder that needs to be protected. The volunteering chance she had with the lawyers without boarders made her realize how important and defenseless the environment.