Khrystyna Karelska

Deputy Country Coordinator


Ukraine Deputy Country Coordinator, Khrystyna Karelska is an alumna of the College of Europe in Natolin. Christine has degrees in Linguistics and European Interdisciplinary Studies. Her major specialization is the European Neighborhood Policy.
Christine is an alumna of the Democracy Study Center in Kyiv, Odesa School of Local Governance, Odesa Democracy School, EU Study Days, where she has taken part in various projects aimed at democracy promotion. For instance, during her studies at the Democracy Study Center she has studied the role of church in peace mediation. She has worked as the parliamentarian assistant in Ukraine. Currently, she is doing an internship at the NGO “Community Associations” that is aimed at the strengthening of democracy at the local level. Christine is interested in EU-Ukraine relations, migration, democracy promotion and security. Her dream is to change the political system of Ukraine where young people will be able to get into politics and conduct structural reforms.