Ivwananji Veronica Namfukwe

Deputy Country Coordinator


Zambia Deputy Country Coordinator, Ivwananji Veronica Namfukwe is a young creative woman with a bachelor’s degree in economics. She a clothing designer and own a clothing brand too, as a creative she is extremely passionate about seeing her fellow young people in art especially those coming from back ground with challenges excell in life regardless of what economic or social sector they belong to or coming from. She strongly believes being part of the Global Youth Parliament will enable her to reach out to so many communities/ societies in her country and continent at large.
She believes that WE CAN DO MORE CREATIVE BUILDING CAMPAIGN, this will be an advocacy community project taking action to empower youth creatives. As a creative she believes that there are
so many dynamic young people in the country  doing phenomenal things and our role is to create a platform for them to share with the rest of the world. In 2013 she founded a foundation Called Together As One. Together as one is a youth-based program / association aimed at helping underprivileged youths in her society through talks, talent recognition and help-based visits.