Gideon Ongalo Kidenda

Deputy Country Coordinator


Kenya Deputy Country Coordinator, Gideon Ongalo Kidenda began his career as an intern at the Kenya National assembly in the year 2009 where he served in the local authorities and funds account committee (LAFAC). He was also an instrumental contributor of setting up the local authorities and funds account committee. He later joined the State University of New York Kenya, Parliamentary strengthening program (SUNI-K PSP) as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. In his capacity as M&E Officer he was a lead facilitator in the baseline survey of the 10th parliament of Kenya.
Gideon prides himself as a passionate youth leader who doesn’t shy away from participating in community programs. He is the immediate former chairman of Kisumu Rugby Club where he actively re-build the club to successfully get it back to the Kenya Cup. His tenure as chairman was characterized by positive affirmative action initiatives such as setting up the women’s rugby team (Dolphins). His tenacity in youth empowerment programs pushed him to see to fruition the first international rugby test match in Kisumu (Elgon Cup).
Gideon’s upbringing is strongly rooted on the believe that all individuals must participate in collective  social responsibility hence his determination to address economic problems through social entrepreneurship initiatives such as Responsible Gambling ; a Non-Governmental Organization that provides treatment for problem gamblers and their families. He is also the founder and Director of Sienna Insurance Agency and currently the Director, Projects, Business Management and acquisitions at Wigot Gardens.