Devi Yusvitasari

Deputy Country Coordinator


Indonesia Deputy Country Coordinator, Devi Yusvitasari is currently in 7th semester majoring in law at Ganesha University of Education in Bali, Indonesia. As a young people, she maintained a positive activities with my track record of achievements such as winning various competitions such as debates, written papers, moot court, and attending conferences, she ventured into a lot of activities in various social communities such as Bali Caring Community. In addition, she is still actively being an ecosociopreneur in Bali, also a founder of Introvert Speak Up, a community that focus on improving skills for youth and still actively being a guest speaker at various national seminars held by universities or communities, actively engaged in various internships and training law as well. She was honored to receive many scholarships such as PPA Scholarship by Kemenristekdikti, Awardee of Bank Indonesia Scholarship, Awardee of Local Government Scholarship. She has also earned recognition as the Most Outstanding Student of Law Department in her university. She is currently serving as an ambassador of international MUN.