Areg Musinyan

Deputy Country Coordinator


Armenia Deputy Country Coordinator, Areg Musinyan  thinks that every person, every child who is in orphanage or poor has right to live in normal life, live like we the others do, eat and drink what he/she wants, go where he/she wishes or dress how he/she eager. Unfortunately they don’t have the opportunity to live how they want, they don’t have enough finance to dress warm in order not to catch the cold. People are equal, so their rights are equal too… Areg doesn’t know the words “Rich” or “Poor”, he doesn’t want to see how they cry, how they look to our eyes. So, the main goal is to help them stand up and not to be so sad.
Life is beautiful and we all should get pleasure from life as we have many many opportunities to do what we want as we are free. Areg’s wish to give every thing to people in order to make them free…