Abdun Naqib Jimmy

Deputy Country Coordinator


Deputy Country Coordinator, Abdun Naqib Jimmy is a Certified Professional Life Coach and the Founder CEO of Jimmy’s Academy – one of the fastest growing industry oriented training center in Bangladesh. Firmly standing by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that everyone has the right to education, Mr. Jimmy is on a personal mission to reduce the knowledge gap that persists in Bangladesh and reshape the literacy dynamics. Due to his significant fan base and philanthropic contribution in the education sector, he is frequently invited as public speaker at various programs, events, seminars, conferences and academic
institutions to inspire, influence and build capacity among young aspiring learners. Mr. Jimmy frequently conducts English speaking workshops and has been an IELTS instructor for over 6 years.
Besides his prowess as an academic entrepreneur, Mr. Jimmy is an established peer reviewed author, having published several of his research work in international journals such as Springer, American International Science (AIS) etc. In his free time, Jimmy likes to develop mobile apps or sharpen his
graphic designing skills.