Tsung-wei Lin

Tsung-wei Lin believes youth voice is important to our future generation, and tries to establish a platform for young people to speak up for their own affairs and also for the society. He leads a fantastic forum, Global Youth Trend Forum to a marvelous success, which attracts more than 25 countries to Taiwan to dialogue so as to address each country’s issues.

Most importantly, he is only 19 years old. He not only rockets a tour lecture on the right of the child around Taiwan at more than 50 places, but also an activist urging to push government to listen to youths. He has been selected to be the member of the Youth Advisory Committee in Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education. He leads the trend to advocate for oneself in Taiwan, and he tries to be the bridge between youths and the government.

He holds a strong belief that education is the tool of revolution in our society, so he embarks on advocating for the equity of education in not only urban and rural areas. He has been mentoring several volunteer teams to ensure that they are actually helping them instead of arbitrary interruption of their lives.

He wants to dedicated to children’s right, youth empowerment, education and social work. He is convinced that actions should be upheld “from children’s point of view”, so constructing a sound and robust platform for young people is the duty for all of us in the next generation.