Sheelagh Fye-ovaye Ndahepele

Namibia Country Coordinator, Sheelagh Fye-ovaye Ndahepele is a dynamic , energetic and Namibian Youth citizen leader who advocates for peace, stability and solidarity among youth to uphold their values, standards ad dignity. A youth professional who focuses on multi-youth national issues and engagements with relevant stakeholders both in local and at international level to find solutions to mitigating factors affecting youth during this current forth industrial revolution. His work involves public motivational talks , political civic engagements and mobilizations in variety youth organizations such as in  Namibian National  Students Organization,  Namibia Youth Forum, an active member of ruling SWAPO PARTY in Namibia, recently served as Students Representative Council Member for Culture and Development portfolio during 2016-2017 academic year at Namibia University of Science and Technology and as Deputy Chairman of NUST Students Christian Movement.  He is a Proffessional political influencer ,  a multi-awarded researcher in medical and natural sciences field. He is actively engaged in sustanability issues across the nation and the globe at large. He is a science postgraduate  scholar graduate from Namibia University of Science and Technology where he attained his degrees recently.
Recently, he was selected to serve as Board member of Namibia Water Partnership organization to find sustainable possible solution and provide technical advises to enhance water resource available to all Namibian citizens. He is also currently providing academic classes to science undergraduate students at Namibia University of Science and Technology which he started recently this yea