Shahd Altarawneh

US Country Coordinator, Shahd Altarawneh is skilled in converting conflict scenarios into positive outcomes through effective problem-solving and complaint handling skills. She is a member of the International Leadership Association and part of the United Nations Young Leaders Programme. She has also done an intensive training course in EU Affairs. Her background combines a solid blend of experience working directly with youths in need along with a highly accomplished academic record, complemented by my dedication to supporting and guiding youths from all walks of life. She also demonstrates outstanding leadership and organisation skills. Her skills set -gained through her youth work with international organisations- have afforded her the opportunity; to acquire valuable knowledge of social service programmes as well as organising and implementing dialogue and leadership development programs for youth in communities in conflict across the globe. Moreover, Shahd has volunteered in various youth-facing capacities over the past ten years. She made sure to instil in them determination to promote permanent confidence-building dialogue and helping the world win the future. Furthermore, Shahd is STEAM ambassador, interested in coding, robotics and artificial intelligence; as she believes it is the gateway to technological development that has changed the world and focused on the needs of society and investing in human resources properly. Helping others and making a big difference in people’s lives is what she’s passionate about.