Rodrigue Anthony MOAPA WALLA

Gabon Country Coordinator, Rodrigue Anthony MOAPA WALLA completed his Master in Public Relations, Specialist in Label-Protocol with several certifications from the International Protocol and Public Relations Board (IPPRB), he became a volunteer and got involved in the youth and associative sector since June 2005, it’s been over 14 years today. To cite only these few examples, he has traveled a lot around the world and participate in so many processes to provide solutions and defend the interests of African Youth and the world. In 2012, the United Nations System of his country of origin (Gabon) awarded him the award for Best Young Leader of Gabon in recognition of his commitment.

He was International Delegate at the World Youth Conference in Colombo in Sri Lanka in May 2014, in August 2018, at the end of the Statutory General Assembly held in Ouagadougou at the end of the 6th Pan African Summit of Young Leaders of the United Nations, he is elected to the post of President of ROJALNU Africa. In this capacity, he lead a strong Delegation to New York from September 24 to October 05, 2019 where he chaired at the United Nations headquarters during the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations the Side Event on the Re positioning of ROJALNU Africa as well as ‘a series of other events.

He is delighted after so many years in the service of African youth and the world to have this privilege to preside over the destinies of ROJALNU Africa, this seems like the crowning of all the efforts that he has undertaken since all this time.