Robert Ter-Hovhannisian

Armenia Country Coordinator, Robert Ter-Hovhannisian is a 22 years old. He is  a student of Hanyang University (South Korea) Political Science and International studies faculty. He has also had his  online courses with The Open University(UK), where he  studied Businesses Management and Effective Communication. Also he studied Human Rights and Enthronement, Sustainable Development at UN.

He has founded a Charity Program ” INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HUMANITARIAN AID”. He strongly believes that if  each of us Humans do little steps towards the good, we shall solve the problems and found the Empire of Good. In this era of hatred, we shall change the history from wars,crimes, hatred and racism to Love, Respect, Friendship between the humans, and teach them to look at each other like at a brother or sister. Since we are united, we are one, we are the people.