Prema Mookaram

Mauritius Country Coordinator, Prema Mookaram is today the secretary for council of youth and students organ of the United Nations association of Mauritius. She runs the visual arts department of Mauritius institute of education since 5 years. Her mission is to be a role model for unlimited possibilities. Prema runs sustainable projects that promote harmony between people and the environment.

Prema is an active social worker and a resourceful soul working for the core of social problems. she is a peace builder, embodiment of universe love, Crowning Ms.india worldwide Mauritius 2018-2019, Motivational speaker, life coach, leadership mentor ,judge on the miss India worldwide Mauritius pageant, an artist, an international public speaker and a successful ambassador of the cancer association of Mauritius her only vision is a world full of life and happiness; a world where peace, justice and Nonviolence prevail.