Orietta Blasizza

Italy Country Coordinator, Orietta Blasizza, Born on December 11, 1974 in Gorizia (Republic of Italy). She obtained the diploma in computer expert chief technician, she won a Zanussi’s competition drawing-up a quality project about the school and she went to Cambridge three weeks paid from Zanussi. She was asked by Zanussi She began a computer science degree course, but Telecom Italia called her in Juny 1995 when she was studying and she left university, unfortunately the experience finished in November 1995. She attended Accounting and Technical courses because all the companies needed a secretary who had informatik and accounting competences and in June1998 she found work for a business consultant in Monfalcone doctor Varesano. After three years in July 2001 she left and in two months she started in a firm B.&P. Italia Import Export srl in which she worked as accountant, commercial and logistic employee getting three levels up and a prize. She wanted to show her drafts to her holder, but he didn’t want to see anything. From 2001 to 2006 she did German courses but she didn’t have the possibility to go abroad to practise. She did some draft courses and now she can draft as hyper-realistic. She got the firing letter in November 2017 as many others of the firm because the son has taken the head instead of the father. When she was working¬† She found in May 2018 a indefinite period work in Ronchi dei Legionari by Goexpress srl (GLS) as accountant and she as to fire herself because the transport company cut many vehicles in the summer, unfortunately she’s without driving license for health problem.She found a work in August 2018 as secretary at Micra srl in Romans d’Isonzo (it’s a well known firm), after a period they told her they couldn’t confirm her but they have drawn up a letter of references.
She started the last work in February 2019 in an internal firm Arredinox srl by Fincantieri, but the number of hours, the waste of time (9 hours and half to do 4 of work) of money (pay the bus and the company canteen) made her taken the decision to firing herself, if she start a job she does it in order to do it for all her life.
In last year and half she has taken contact with the association Green Hearts Dignity (International and Italy, and she is the secretary) in order to change the world in better to achieve the seventeen international goals, she has already worked for the organization of the march of the sustainability that has taken place in Tarvisio next year and this year will take place another one.
She speaks and writes English without problems, German not easily because she did the course many years ago, she’s repeating it with her daughter, she has started other two languages: French and Spanish on Memrise platform.
She adores working, she has patience, excellent computer skills (she was called from Microsoft about five years ago, without a driving licence it’s hard to start a business),¬†troubleshooting, support, strong work ethic, great attention to detail, fast learning ability and painting.