Omar Nasser Hassan

Djibouti Country Coordinator, Omar Nasser Hassan, is a young IT Engineer. He is a social leader, autonomous and realistic, with particular energy for the young people of the Horn of Africa region and the commitments of the African continent in socio-professional, socio-political, socio-economic and regional issues. Graduated with a Master in Networks & Telecommunication and Maintenance, certificates in community development and project management. In 2016, he became a founding member of the African Police Taekwondo federation (APTAC) headquartered in Chad, an organization led by ambitious young leaders. He believes that the time has come when young people must take over, come together around the same goal, now or never because they are the main players in all the impacts of economies.

Omar has worked with several local associations led by ambitious young leaders on projects such as livelihoods, career development, humanitarian and educational assistance. it is linked to the unity and inclusion of young people in the decisions taken by governments for good governance of the property. For him, peace and development in Africa and at scale world is only possible if young ambitious leaders take part in the cause. Indeed, to a large extent the participation and integration of young people in critical sectors such as economics, defense, and the budget will make a radical change.