Olwethu Sazile Zuma

South Africa Country Coordinator, Olwethu Sazile Zuma is a student activist and served three years in the Representative Council of Learners (2011-2014) she is enrolled at the University of Kwazulu Natal studying Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics and International Studies. She served in a student’s movement, the South African Students Congress as Regional Chairperson (2018-2019).

She was born in a remote area on the outskirts of the KwaZulu Natal Province and studied the Durban urban area, making her witness the inequalities of society as the rural area is underdeveloped and lacks access to information. This led to the founding of an organisation that would provide free tuition to learners in Rural areas (Ufafa Youth Graduates) where she is chairperson. She is a member of a volunteer organisation- Future Team. She graduated from the Program for Young Politicians in Africa in 2019. Her passion is organizing young people through volunteer work and education.