Mohammed Kerkulah

Liberia Country Coordinator, Mohammed Kerkulah is a Liberian and third year student at the University of Liberia pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Social Work where he drives the social well-being of
community dwellers and youths through social interactions and engagements to solve
societal problems relating to social life. He is the Founder/President of Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA Liberia) and the Founder/Executive Director of YALDA University of Liberia, an international youth organization empowering and inspiring young African leaders with exceptional skills to the commitment of the welfare of Africa with millions of African youth in the YALDA Network from over thirty African countries including United States of America and United Kingdom. He is the Administrative Assistant at the Steve Travel Services Inc, an international
travel agency that has helped good number of clients secure safe travel and experienced the world. He is the Co-founder/Program & Planning Director at the Global Travel and Opportunities Network, an organization under the Steve Travel Services INC which provides travel related opportunities such as scholarships, internships, fellowships, summits, jobs abroad etc. He is the Founder/Executive Director of Youth for Transformation Education and Sustainable Development (YOTED Liberia), a youth organization primary promoting the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 agenda with focus on Quality Education, Poverty and Partnership, and also empowering youth with practical
capacity building skills to enhance self-reliance and reduce unemployment among youth. Mohammed is the Co-founder/Director of Program and Planning of the Innovative and Creative Action Network (iCAN Liberia), an organization which is involved with helping young Liberians discover, develop and explore the unique skills and talents they have create lasting impact, also to strengthen the Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Liberia and provide more learning opportunities for maximization of innate potentials.
He is Liberia Representative at the Travel for Change Adventures, an international
organization established to promote development, peace and unity in Africa. He
worked at the Vivid Trading Center in 2018 as Administrative Manager, a quality and
well recognized printing press in Liberia.
Mohammed loves volunteerism. He is volunteering for both local and international
organizations mostly youth-based, namely: United Nations, YALDA international, The
African Dream-TAD, Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI Liberia Chapter),
World Youth Alliance (WYA), Global Youth Network as Social Media Writer on the
Communications Team, etc. His voluntary services at these organizations have made
him to be recognized internationally and he is impacting thousands of youth across
Africa and beyond.
He is interested in youth inclusion, development and a better Africa. He believes that
Africa can only be developed by Africans: “By Africans for Africa”. His core values are:
commitment, solidarity, persistency, mission-driven, result oriented, and excellence.
His vision and the future for Africa is: True leadership. To ensure this, Mohammed has
conducted leadership training for over 500 youths in Liberia and over thousand in
Africa and beyond. He has facilitated a lot of leadership trainings online to inspire
other youth. He recently served as one of the panelists for the Tanzania Virtual Youth
Summit 2020 organized by the Global Youth Parliament-Tanzania Chapter where he
spoke on The United Nations Charter and The Sustainable Development Goals SDGs
agenda 2030 and was awarded certificate of appreciation. Mohammed is a writer; he
has written many articles on Africa recommending possible solutions to critical
problems we are confronted with as a continent. He wrote on: The future of Africa;
Youth Must Develop Africa; Cultural and Natural Heritage of Africa on the Africa World
Heritage Day 2020; Global Peace Through Interconnection, The Health System of
Africa and COVID-19, etc.
He is an emerging global leader, public speaker and he possesses team building, team
management, leadership, critical decision-making, positive thinking, change making,
innovative and creative, and basic computer skills.