Cameroon Country Coordinator, KINDONG PRINCELY KAFAIN is the First Vice President of the Cameroon National Youth council, CEO of Kafain Constructions Ltd and  Founder of a youth led organization Called Youth in Action program Cameroon { YIAPCAM}, Founded in 2014 after his return from Bangkok,Thailand for a short course on community development and youth empowerment. He is strongly committed in working with young people and the underprivileged in order to fight poverty and reduce inequalities in his society.

He aims to improve the quality of life among youths, the underprivileged and most especially those in rural communities.

He also hopes to increase participation and influence of youths in the decision making process in their communities and the country in general. This will intend create opportunities for them to take part in issues that affect and influence their lives. Kindong Princely Kafain is also the winner of the North West business award organized by the Bamenda City Council in 2014.