Fibha Frameen

Australia Country Coordinator, Fibha Frameen is an ambitious, enthusiastic and young humanitarian activist. Ms Fibha Frameen holds a Bachelors degree in International and Global Studies with a double major in Sociology and Socio-Legal Studies as well as a Key Management Skill Set. She is currently studying a Master of Laws in Human Rights and Policy as well as a Project Management course. She has also completed an exchange program at The National University of Singapore. Fibha is currently completing a Global Citizenship award and has attended various developmental and leadership seminars.
She is also an online United Nations volunteer and has recently completed translating a UNDP case study project from English to Urdu for publication purposes. Additionally, Fibha is a Global Peace Ambassador for Global Peace Chain which aims to spread peace by cultivating the culture of tolerance, inclusivity and social peace across the world. She is also a registered Justice of the Peace and plays an essential role within the legal system as well as the local community. She has been granted multiple scholarships and awards throughout her progressive journey. Through the Global Youth Parliament, Fibha aims to motivate and empower young minds to build global networks as well as strengthen cultural diversity.
Ms Fibha Frameen is passionate about creating harmonious relations and interconnecting with diverse cultural groups to promote world peace. In order to increase cultural awareness and acceptance, she believes that education is an utmost vital factor. With education, We have the ability to change mindsets; We have the ability to create law-abiding citizens with valuable skills to contribute to the world! With a focus on core values such as acceptance, compassion, generosity, honesty, kindness and tolerance; We have the ability to transform the world and regain the humanity that we have lost.