Dr. Kuldeep Sharma

India Country Coordinator, Dr. Kuldeep Sharma has been the source of inspiration in establishing “Nav Gian Deep Sr. Sec. School”. He is a renowned businessman,and closely associated with many other educational, social and charitable institutions. Nav Gian Deep is a culmination of his foresight, thinking and interactive deliberations with other visionaries involved in welfare and social service activities for the well being of the society. His innovative ideas and the penchant for strategic leadership that is integral to his character convinced him to create an infrastructure for training the youth of today in the fields of various vocational skills so as to channelize their energies for the all-round development of the nation in safe & secure environment.

Mr. Kuldeep Sharma has given a new dimension to the meaning of education. For him, the essence of education embodies an amalgamation of both modern ideas i.e. usage of technology in classroom teaching on one hand and values on the other. He strongly believes that even though internet, today, has provided an easy access to knowledge, yet, students gain best from human interface i.e. from the wisdom of the experience of well trained teachers.