Diola Sokoli

Albania Country Coordinator, Diola Sokoli from Albania is received a “Msc in IR and EU Diplomacy” degree. Also many certificates obtained for various topics. Her first job was as an English teacher, then as a private English teacher, where she taught English to different age groups.
She has worked at MEFA – Republic of Albania, in many different directorates and sectors.
During the earthquake on the 26th she gave her contribution by coming to the aid of families, businesses affected; verifying the damages caused in the flats by the big earthquake, registering the affected families for the benefit of the rental bus, benefiting from food aid, etc.
Also during the pandemic of covid-19 virus, she found herself near older families by cooking and distributing food to them, sensitizing the population on the measures to be taken to protect against covid, as well as distributing food packages and disinfectants to families in economic difficulties etc.
Now  she works with the Municipality of Kurbin, Lac-Unit for Coordination of European Integration and Foreign Aid (Internal Paid). Awareness and Prevention, etc..Also Member of many organizations where she hold positions such as; fundraiser officer, activist, taking a global pledge for covid-19 Awareness and Prevention, etc.