Boyd Simpungwe

Zambia Country Coordinator, Boyd Simpungwe hails from the Northern Province of the Republic of Zambia. He is an ambitious, self-driven, and a realistic social, political, and economic leader with a special draw to the Youth of the SADC Region and the African continent’s engagements into socio-economic and regional political matters.

Simpungwe holds the Bachelors of Economics and Certificates in Community Development and Project Planning and Management. He is the co-founder of the SADC Youth Council a youth-led organization which is an up and coming SADC Youth wing in the 16-state region. He holds the belief that young people’s time to be engaged is now or never as they are the major stakeholders in all aspects of economies. Simpungwe has work with several Youth-Led/Centered international organizations on projects ranging from Livelihood, Career Development, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, and Human Rights Activism/Governance.

Regional peace & development and the sustainability of global commons largely fall on the level of youth engagement in critical sectors of participating partner’s economies.