Baba Ceesay

Gambia Country Coordinator, Baba Ceesay is born in small a village called Kwinella, Gambia West Africa. He is a fair in complexion, funny and love sport and innovation, founder and CEO of the balance crew which stand , learn, think and create( educate to innovate).

5 years ago he has been Initiated a program on the Radio called “THE Balance” later was transferred to the National TV GRTS “THE BALANCE SHOW”.  This program was very popular and still popular in his country. He invites dignitaries, youths and high authorities to debate and inform the masses the important of good governance. In 2014 he registered it as a community base oorganization (CBO) call “the balance crew”. In 2015 because of his influence in preserving the environment through his media platform team won 60,000 eur GCCA project FUND through EU in collaboration with the state TV on sensitization and mainstreaming of climate change which he was the project coordinator.

He has  participated in several program in the university, communities and international level including Russia. He is dynamic and energetic youth leader and he has a dream to make a sustainable Gambia.