Aminath Zidhna

Maldives Country Coordinator Aminath Zidhna , Founder and the Executive Director of Maldives Family Foundation, Country Coordinator of Alliance of Humanity, Lawyer and Social Activist who’s working to serve the women empowerment in her communities through domestic and international platforms.
Also she is the former Deputy Chief Commissioner of Scout Association of Maldives. Administrator at the Ministry of National Planning,Housing and Infrastructure in Maldives.

She has been working in various non-profit organizations and raising the Public Awareness – Humanitarian, uplifting the Women Empowerment and building up Communities.

Currently she takes part in a project to empower the youth through vocational training and business startup courses. Also, she has the opportunity to participate and she is a volunteer in many different domestic and international events. She has participated in no.of conferences in Asia. The benefits of attending these conferences are far reaching.
She’s offered her free service for most of the Family Legal Issues including family matters,domestic disputes and so on.