Agne Vaitekenaite

Lithuania Country Coordinator, Agne Vaitekenaite is an active youth leader involved in various activities that contribute to the development of her home country Lithuania and its participation in intercultural dialogue among young people worldwide. Agne Vaitekenaite works the Secretary-General of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. Implementing the Article 17 project of the EU, Agne organises dialogues and debates among intercultural, interfaith, philosophical and non-confessional organisations. In the forms of new media and conferences, Agne aims to promote the equity of humans rights, different genders, religions, nationalities and diverse cultures within and beyond the European Union. She has been working with the official “United in Diversity” and “Together” media campaign of the EU.
Agne has completed a Master’s degree in International Journalism at the University of Leeds in the
United Kingdom. Her Master’s thesis on “Reporting ISIS Terrorist Attacks in Europe (2014 – present): the Case of BBC Online” was recognised as one of the top three dissertations in School of Media and Communications at the University of Leeds. Agne Vaitekenaite is now a writer at the Oxbridge Research
Group, based London, and carries out journalistic research on global cultural, social and political issues.

She was the Delegate of Lithuania in the Model Union for the Mediterranean in the World Youth Forum
2019 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Agne Vaitekenaite has also participated in represented Lithuania in
various projects and youth congresses in Italy, Turkey and Croatia. Agne is the official Ambassador of
Lithuania in the World Prosperity Organisation, which is based in Los Angeles, U.S.A., where she is
working on solving global issues such as peace-building, human rights and diversity.